Concrete Timbre

Elements 3

April 3, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Two Moon Art House & Cafe

315 Fourth Ave. (between 2nd/3rd Streets)

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Element Themes: Sea, Rhythm, & Tranquility

The Goddess Chronicles

Music by Milica Paranosic

Instruments, Electronics & Projection-Milica Paranosic

Goddess Chronicles is a multimedia performance piece conceived as  a set of intimate and subjective portraits of Goddesses from different mythologies: Venus (Roman Goddess of love), Dodola (Slavic goddess of Rain), Lemanja (Brazilian Goddess of Sea) and Morrigan (Celtic Goddess of Battle).


Jeux D'Eau

Music by Maurice Ravel

Piano-Ivy Adrian

Maurice Ravel wrote Jeux D’Eau for his teacher Gabriel Fauré.

It mirrors the musical sounds of water-its cascades, sprays, brooks, and playfulness. Included on the manuscript

is text from poet Henri de Régnier: “Dieu fluvial riant de l'eau qui le chatouille...”

“River god laughing as the water tickles him..”

The Keeper of the Sheep

by Fernando Pessoa, writing as Alberto Caeiro

Translated and Performed by Telma Bernardo

Soundscape by Ann Warren

"In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.”

Antoine Lavoisier

Dzov (The Sea)*

By Ivy Adrian & Lucas Bass

With Video and Electronic soundtrack of strings & percussion

I recorded Ivy's improvised musings live in one long overlapping, unplanned, free-running take with no break: firstly the primary theme, then (as heard in this piece) the double-stops and harmonics. I have left these in their primal state exactly as recorded; unedited–raw and intense, and have finally set them like rough-cut jewels into fittings of time and place–guided, inspired and informed directly by the music in all its unbridled glory: hence the video. 

There Will Never Be Silence

Scenario & Music by Ann Warren

(based on writings by John Cage)

Projections-Robert Morton

Performed by David A. Green

When I hear what we call music, it seems to me that someone is talking. And talking about feelings,

or about ideas of relationships. But when I hear the sound of traffic, I don't feel that anyone is talking.

I have the feeling that sound is acting. And I love the activity of sound. I don't need sound to talk to me. (John Cage)

Washed Ashore on the Island of the Lestrygonians

Text by McCorkle Terence Diamond

This is an excerpt from McCorkle Terence Diamond's text

entitled Big Pink Meat.


Music by George Winston

Piano-Ivy Adrian

George Winston's "The Sea" (1973) draws the listener into serenity with its wavelike patterns and dissonances.  The piece was especially influenced by The Doors, the opening inspired by guitarist, John Fahey.  


Music by Chris Kadis Moscato

Piano-Ivy Adrian

It could happen to anyone, right?

We are settled in away from the world, and blissful, existing until the bubble bursts. Where will the confrontation with reality end?

Killing Time on a Rainy Day at the Beach:

But What About the Noise of Crumpling Paper?

Scenario and Music by Ann Warren

Projections-Robert Morton

with additional material and performances by:

Telma Bernardo, Emma DeGrand, McCorkle Terence Diamond,

David A. Green, Allan Markowitz, Richard Sage, Ann Warren

A segment of our very dysfunctional vacation!

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