Concrete Timbre


April 25, 2015 at 8:00 pm

The Drawing Room

56 Willoughby Street

(between Lawrence & Jay Streets)

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Treasuring My Trinkets

While Purging My Possessions

Music by Ann Warren

with Sensory Vignettes by BitterSuite

Aleksandra Miglowiec - Flute,

BitterSuite - Sensory Performer, Electronics - Ann Warren

Things we say to ourselves, when cleaning out the closet.

There's an Awful Lot of Beeps on Your Machine

Percussion and Tape by Chris Danforth

Joe Tucker - Percussion

Ijus Oremun 123

Electro-acoustic Music by Beatriz García Barreto

Vocal Fringe, or Tries & Sleep

Music by Kai Fin

Poem by Emma DeGrand

Variations on a Bulgarian Folk Song

Dilmano, Dilbero, Op. 2

Music by Alexander Vladigerov

Tania Stavreva - Piano and Voice

Alexander Vladigerov (1933-1993) was the son of the acclaimed

Bulgarian-Jewish composer Pancho Vladigerov (1899-1978).

This piano work, written in 1954, features 9 variations using variety of traditional Bulgarian asymmetrical rhythms combined with

modern jazzy harmonies, dynamic build ups and virtuosic technics.

Raijin and Tales from Ancient Japan

Music by Whitney George

Whitney George - Speaker, Joe Tucker - Percussion

La Foule

Music by Ángel Cabral

Lyrics written by Michel Rivgauche

Sung by David Green, Melinda Faylor - Piano

A chance meeting in the middle of a festive crowd - it's love at first sight.

The singer thanks the crowd for making this possible.

But, just as quickly as it brought them together,

the crowd separates them and they never see each other again.


Music by Marguerite Monnot

Lyrics by Georges Moustaki

Sung by David Green, Melinda Faylor - Piano

Recounts the feelings of a lower-class "girl of the port" who develops a crush

on an elegantly attired apparent upper-class British traveller she has seen walking

the streets several times (with a beautiful young woman), but hasn’t noticed her.

Far Away Dream

Music by Sandy Noble and Dean Bohana

Video Collage by Sandy Noble

Photographs by Bong-chae Jeong

Sandy Noble - Piano, Manuela Lechler - Violin

Peace Evermore

Music by Sandy Noble

Poem by Pablo Neruda (One Hundred Love Sonnets XVII)

Sandy Noble - Piano, Morell Cuttler - Actor

Let Me Take You on a Ride

Video & Original Soundtrack by Jacqui Anscombe

I filmed this group of NYC subway performers last year.

I removed their music from the video and replaced it with my own song.

It fit perfectly... I discovered that I have a gift for this kind of thing :)


Video & Original Soundtrack by Lucas Bass

Akouó (ἀκούω—ak-oo'-o) is Greek meaning to hear, listen, comprehend by hearing.

Figuratively 'to hear God's voice which prompts Him to birth faith within'.

To properly answer wether a tree that falls in a forest makes a sound if no one is present

to witness it one first has to understand that the forest IS sound.

I have found that if you keep your mouth shut long enough and just quietly listen

the world will tell you everything. A chorus of wind cleanses

your soul and prepares you to face your inexorable truth.

Brothers in Arms

Film Segment & Original Soundtrack by Chris Moscato

Poem by Emma DeGrand

This film is borrowed from the NYU library of student films

as a vehicle for my one of my passions, microtonal music.

The music is composed with William Sethares' Dynamic Tonality,

a theory for consonantly tonal harmonic microtonal music.

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