Concrete Timbre

Mix 1, 2, 3, 4

February 28, 2015 at 8:00 pm

The Drawing Room

56 Willoughby Street

(between Lawrence & Jay Streets)

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Return of Spring

Music by Manuela Lechler

Viola - Pedro Vizzarro Vallejos, Percussion - Joe Tucker,

Alto Sax - Manuela Lechler

Nature moves in cycles. After the snow, we dream of the return of spring.....


Music by Ann Warren

Text based on writings of Erik Satie

Viola - Pedro Vizzarro Vallejos, Trombone - David Whitwell

Actor - Fedly Daniel

A life lived single-mindedly for the sake of art.

Bain de mer en forme de point d’orgue

Text by Sylvaine Hinglais

Bain de Mer

Music by Ann Warren

Actors - Fedly Daniel & David A. Green

Alto Sax - Manuela Lechler

What is it like to see the sea for the first time?

Ils sont personne et tout le monde, chacun de nous,

et leurs mots sonnent comme des notes de musique;

le dialogue est rythmé, tonique, sous-tendu par le murmure des vagues. (performed in French)

Three Songs of Dislocation

Corridor with Boxes * Route 99 * The Last Ferry

Music by Stephanie Greig

Viola - Pedro Vizzarro Vallejos, Alto Sax - Manuela Lechler, Trombone - David Whitwell

The 3 "songs" (no words yet) are sketches of the experience of dislocation - an involuntary move

to temporary ground with no known final destination -

with its peculiar shifting moods of wonder, discomfort, dread, melancholy, numbness, and euphoria.

Uncle Seabird

Music by Ann Warren

Text based on writings of Erik Satie

Trombone - David Whitwell, Actor - Fedly Daniel

Instilled with a love of the theatrical and

a disdain for the conventional.

Celtic Blessing

Music by Ivy Adrian

Piano - Ivy Adrian


Music by Ann Warren

(d’après **)

Flute - Alice H. Jones, Viola - Pedro Vizzarro Vallejos,

Alto Sax - Manuela Lechler, Trombone - David Whitwell

When this melody was premiered, it was at a salon concert just like this.

But, the names of the composers were withheld from the audience,

who were invited to make their own identifications.

Who do you think composed this?

a selection from

The Strange Library

Music by Whitney George

Text by Haruki Murakami

Flute - Alice H. Jones, Viola - Pedro Vizzarro Vallejos,

Trombone - David Whitwell, Percussion - Joe Tucker,

Actor - David A. Green

The Strange Library is a musical setting of the recent novella by Haruki Murakami.

Designed and illustrated by famed book jacket designer (and frequent Murakami collaborator) Chip Kidd,

the novella is packaged like a graphic novel, whose moody and mysterious depictions of a child’s

darkest dream match Murakami’s surreal imagination. The plot is equally eerie: a little boy enters a

quiet library -- “even more hushed than usual,” we’re told in the opening line -- and is sent to Room 107,

where he meets a creepy old librarian who leads him deep into a maze of dark catacombs beneath

the library. There, we learn of the librarian’s ghoulish designs and the boy encounters a small man

wearing the skin of a sheep and a pretty young girl pushing a teacart, their worlds now “all jumbled together.”

Not even fresh-made doughnuts can sweeten the boy’s nightmarish predicament as the librarian’s prisoner.

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