Concrete Timbre


was written in 1892 by August Strindberg

(translated by Carina Beckerman & Ann Warren)

is a legend in five acts. It’s a fantasia where a heartbroken & lonely sculptor grieving

for his dead children joins a doctor and an aged and forgetful Saint Peter

on a surreal journey to the afterworld in a hopeless quest for the key to heaven.

The 3 set out on a quest through phantasmagorical landscapes

encountering various mythological, fairy-tale, and literary saga characters including:

Narcissus, Thersites, a fat and practical Don Quixote, an emaciated and idealistic Sancho Panza, Cinderella, Tom Thumb, the Old Hoberg Man,

several Shakespeare characters at Romeo and Juliet’s silver wedding anniversary,

as well as nymphs, fairies, dwarves, frogs, and eventually the Pope.

We experience a father’s memories through the

clamor of sounds, sights, and rhythms that embolden him to fulfill his destiny.

Moral: Build now a heaven of your own on earth but

trust not any who rattle with its keys.

performed by

Smith - Fedly Daniel

Doctor - Stephan Antonio Ortiz

Saint Peter - David A. Green

Woman 1 - Alejandra Venancio

Woman 2 - Cely Rivas

Man 1 - Darold Cuba

Man 2 - Alex Parrish

Special Music Performance

6 Monologues for Solo Flute

Music by Leonidas Sakellarides

Aleksandra Miglowiec - Flute

December 19, 2015

7:00 Reading of Keys

8:30 Holiday Party and performances

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with special performances by

Concrete Timbre affiliated artists

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The Drawing Room

56 Willoughby Street

(between Lawrence & Jay Streets)

Brooklyn, NY 11201