Concrete Timbre

Elements 4

May 1, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Two Moon Art House & Cafe

315 Fourth Ave. (between 2nd/3rd Streets)

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Element Themes: Fire, Desert, Sun, & Fear

The Sands/Geology of a Stone

Devised/Performed by

Laura Hartle, Patrice Miller,

Stephanie Willing, Morgan Zipf-Meister

This is an excerpt from a larger work in progress, commissioned by Spark & Echo Arts.

The piece explores the Western idea of healing, based on a story found in 2 Kings 2 wherein

G-d heals water and barren land of Jericho for Elisha. Using crowd-sourced narrative,

the project asks what the environment of healing is, and what we are expecting from the various

powers that be as we weather its storms. The finished piece will be performed in December, 2014.

Lascia ch'io pianga

Music by G. F. Handel

Recorder-David A. Green

The melody for the song began its life as an Asian dance in

Handel’s opera Almira, and then used in his opera Rinaldo.

May 16, 1973

Poem by by Wislawa Szymborska

Translated by Aleksandra Miglowiec

Music and Soundscape by Ann Warren

Projections-Allan Markowitz

Actor-Telma Bernardo, Xylophone-Manuela Lechler,

Piano-Kyoko Oyobe, Melodica-Ann Warren

The way fear pervades your life

especially when you are stopped for no reason.


Music by Ivy Adrian

Piano-Ivy Adrian

"Avaz" which means “sand”

inspired by its riverlike patterns that ever shift while gulls sound their calls.

Brothers in Arms

Film by Amos Ezra Katz

Score by Chris Kadis Moscato

This film is borrowed from the NYU library of student films

as a vehicle for my one of my passions, microtonal music.

The music is composed with William Sethares' Dynamic Tonality,

a theory for consonantly tonal harmonic microtonal music.


Nine short musical sketches by Manuela Lechler

Poems by Rabindranath Tagore

Projections-Robert Morton

Piano-Kyoko Oyobe, Saxophone-Manuela Lechler

Actor-David A. Green

Set to nine poems by Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali polymath (1861-1941).

Philosophy, Poetry, Music, Art and Nature are universes within one universe: Creation.

Tagore’s masterpieces of poetry are jewels that have inspired us…

Fear No More the Heat o' the Sun

Music by Lillian Redl

Text by William Shakespeare

Soprano-Jennifer Wu, Soprano-Jillian Nulton,

Alto-Carrie Magness Radna,

Tenor-Drew Elliott, Bass-Evan Sarzin

This piece is a 5-part a cappella choral setting of the famous song from

Act IV, Scene ii of William Shakespeare's play Cymbeline. Although in the play two brothers sing it

as a sort of requiem to a boy whom they believe to be dead (but who is actually, in true Shakespearean

style, a young woman who has unwittingly taken a sleeping potion) the text makes such a powerful

statement on its own that it works well even for a larger group of singers. There are hints of Renaissance harmonies and counterpoint in the piece as an homage to the music of the time in which the play

was written, but there are also harmonies from a much later, and more modern, palette.


Music by Manuela Lechler

Piano-Kyoko Oyobe, Saxophone-Manuela Lechler

Inspired by Phi, the Golden ratio

Note: a/b = (a+b)/a = 1.6180339887498948420 …

Phi is not just a number or ratio that is expressed in digits. It is also inherent to all living things of

which we are not fully aware of except on a sub-conscious level. It is the reason

why we find things so pleasing and aesthetically beautiful. It’s the reason why the Human

form looks appealing to us; the reason why anything that exhibits itself within this ratio is so alluring to us.

It is found in Nature and also extends into the world of Art and Philosophy.

Even our heart beats in Phi ratios!


Written by Jasmina Sinanovic

Music and Sound by Gina Monc

Video by I. R. Marin

Performed by JZ Bich, I. R. Marin, and Gina Monc

Inspired by Jasmina's (Jz) experience of the war in Bosnia,

globalization and general power hierarchy in today's world.  

Spring Sky

Music by Kyoko Oyobe

Piano-Kyoko Oyobe, Saxophone-Manuela Lechler

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