Concrete Timbre

Elements 2

March 6, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Two Moon Art House & Cafe

315 Fourth Ave. (between 2nd/3rd Streets)

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Element Themes: Sky, Moon, & Love

The Storm

Music by Charles David Younger

Arranged by Marco Rizo

Piano-Ivy Adrian

The Storm was originally performed as an interlude in composer Charles David Younger's opera,

The Girl From  Shunem. It engulfs us in the process of storm from winds howling from a distance in dark

arpeggios to full force  in foreground.  Before it recedes, a glimpse of the eye of the storm is at the center

of the piece, a calm that floats in celestial C major harmony.


Video, Music, and Animation by Lucas Bass

Recorded Qin Solo by Yao Bingyan

A short video I made of the spinning dodecahedron, the first in a little series with geometric themes.

the dodecahedron is symbolically the universe, and is one of the Platonic Solids. though this one looks as

if it might be delicious, it is made of acrylic and is inedible. i plan to make some out of chocolate in the

near future which while perhaps Platonic, will not be solid…

Elżbieta Watching

Text and Soundscape by Ann Warren

Projections-Robert Morton

Elżbieta-Nathalie Bryant

Time changes stories. Which version is the truth?


Poem by Emma DeGrand

Music by Ann Warren

A big surprise!

Two Preludes

Music by Jay Kauffman

Guitar-Jay Kauffman

Preludes are relatively short, independent instrumental composition, free in form. The word comes from

Middle French, derived from Medieval Latin praeludium, from Latin praeludere to play beforehand for

practice, preface, from prae- + ludere to play. First Known Use: 1561

Variations on a Mongolian Folk Song

Music by Jay Kauffman

Guitar-Jay Kauffman

A composite portrait of my musical experiences in Mongolia. In 1995, I played a few concerts there, and got to jam

with some of the local musicians. I make no claims of authenticity in this piece — I simply arranged two tunes that I learned, and tried to make them into something that communicates the freshness and energy of their amazing music. The introduction is based on a popular love song, and the "variations" are based on a song which is about a man

and his horse. The sound of galloping can be heard throughout the piece and is present in much of their music.

Tobacco Shop

Poem by Fernando Pessoa, writing as Álvaro de Campos

Translated and Performed by Telma Bernardo

Soundscape by Ann Warren

Projections-Robert Morton

Torn between the outside and inside worlds separated by his window, the poet retreats into his conjectures/thoughts.

He falls back into his thoughts again and again in an attempt to fit himself into the real world until...

El Corpus en Sevilla

Music by Isaac Albéniz

Piano-Ivy Adrian

Impressionistic in style,  El Corpus describes a religious procession in Seville, a march accompanied by raucous

bands.  This gives way to a mournful saeta, the melody evoking Andalusian cante jondo, evoking flamenco

guitar accompaniment.  A ray of brilliant harmonies follow, like sun and spirit penetrating clouds of mourning.

This invites a lively tarantella then a gentle coda of distant church bells.

Chinese Whisper

Soundscape by Chris Kadis Moscato

Projections-Robert Morton

is created from field recordings I took while in Asia two summers ago. It contrasts the transient lifestyle that is

quickly becoming a part of Asia against the static peaceful life of the older generation. The piece reflects the idea

that without stillness we would not know the nature of the wind, an idea that is loosely based of

Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

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