Concrete Timbre

Elements 1

February 6, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Two Moon Art House & Cafe

315 Fourth Ave. (between 2nd/3rd Streets)

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Element Themes: Sky, Moon, & Love

The Brave One

Music by Kyoko Oyobe

Piano-Kyoko Oyobe

I saw a movie called The Brave One. I sympathized a lot about the sudden death of the heroine's fiancé.

I understood that the message from the movie was that you can be strong for your loved ones.

I put the message into the melody in my composition.

The Cabbage Moon

Music by Manuela Lechler

Text by Jan Wahl, Illustrations by Adrienne Adams

Projections-Robert Morton

Voice-Christopher Poeschl, Piano-Kyoko Oyobe, Saxophone-Manuela Lechler

Cabbage Moon is a story about love and nature. The princess Adelgitha and her dog Jenny are coming to the

rescue of the moon, that has been threatened by the greedy Squink...

Saz in a Cage

Music by Christopher Kadis Moscato

Recorded Sound, Saz Baglama with electronics-Chris Moscato

Saz in a Cage is a piece that was first designed for the celebration of the centennial of John Cage's birth. The

sound designed backing track was conceived via a MAX/MSP patch that creates dynamic tonality chords;

microtonal but palatable to the ear. Originally conceived with chance operations à la John Cage, the backing

track has been recorded for this performance. The live saz part is electronically wired to an FX pedal and is

inspired by a video of a bird in a cage gazing at the night sky.

Valentines Day News, Prince Charming Clues

Poem written and Performed by Kamaria Williams

Stating universal truths since 1990!

Share With Me


He Said

Music by Christopher Dickson

Poems by Halina Poświatowska, Translated by Aleksandra Miglowiec

Projections-Robert Morton

Voice-Telma Bernardo, Guitar-Jay Kauffman, Saxophone-Manuela Lechler

In 1956 Elzbieta, a 4-year old Polish girl watches as soviet tanks surround the city of Warsaw. On the day of a

large protest there, her father was arrested. Elzbieta spends her life searching for the answer to what happened

to him with no success. In 1977, still with still no answers about her father, she marries a wonderful man.

These two short poems were first performed during the wedding scene of Dziewczyna.

A Request

Poem by Emma DeGrand

Music by Ann Warren

Projections-Robert Morton

Voice - Emma DeGrand, Clarinet with electronics-Ann Warren

This is a frustrated letter I wrote to the moon because I felt I was receiving undeserved and unnecessary

special attention from it. The moon-a processed clarinet tries to explain.

Circle Dance

Music by Jay Kauffman

Guitar-Jay Kauffman

The Circle Dance is a rondo that spins musical adventures out from a theme in 3/4. When I played this once for a

dancer before it had an official name, she improvised in circles around me. The adventures hint at

flamenco, middle-eastern, and south-american folk music, and always circle playfully back to the theme,

changing it in the ears of the listener.


Duet for Saz Baglama and Prepared Double Bass (Amplified)

Music by Chris Kadis Moscato and Ann Warren

Projections-Robert Morton

Saz Baglama-Chris Moscato, Prepared Bass-Ann Warren

Elements 1, A Duet for Amplified Saz Baglama and Prepared Double Bass creates a tone poem

telling the story of the sky in a life crisis. We join the sky on a short journey

to explore timbres and rhythms as we move through the cosmos.

The saz baglama is a kind of Turkish lute.

The double bass is decorated with items found at office supplies

or electrical parts stores and is played with fingers, bow, and a yarn drum mallet.


Music by Manuela Lechler

Piano-Kyoko Oyobe, Saxophone-Manuela Lechler

Ascension is the magic of the heart, or being lifted up by a feather.

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