Concrete Timbre

Web version of Anna Strong's Laundry program

Anna Strong's Laundry

A multidisciplinary performance

with live original contemporary music,

poetry, drama, dance, and projections  intertwined into a celebration

of Brooklyn’s diversity today and throughout

America’s fight for freedom.

Scenario by Ann Warren

Directed by Patrice Miller

Projections by Robert Morton

Lighting Consultant Kryssy Wright

Equipment Consultant Richard Sage

Featuring the work of 20 contributing Artists:

Roger Bonair-Agard, Mark Farnen, Lynnette Freeman,

Nancy Greening, Cary Hite, Carmen Kordas,

Manuela Lechler, Allan Markowitz, Patrice Miller,

Robert Morton, Kyoko Oyobe, Milica Paranosic,

Lynne Procope, Richard Sage, James Stokes,

Michelle Stuckey, Joe Tucker,

Ann Warren, Stephanie Willing, Kryssy Wright

2 performances only!

Thursday August 21 & Friday August 22

8:00 pm

They Disappeared/As Time Stops

A new play based on the lives of ordinary people

with the Old Stone House in Brooklyn as the setting

in three eras of American patriots:

the American Revolution, World War II, and the war in Iraq.

Written by Mark Farnen

Performed by:

Cary Hite, James Stokes

Music by Manuela Lechler, Ann Warren

Performed by:

Kyoko Oyobe - Piano


A goddess of battle, strife, and sovereignty. 

Love us into the dirt,

Unto death, unto the river that frees us from

The land, the land. 

Music by Milica Paranosic

Film by Carmen Kordas

Poem by Roger Bonair-Agard

Choreography by Michelle Stuckey

Performed by:

Milica Paranosic, Michelle Stuckey

A Strong Lady

The history of a spy is hard to tell.

If a spy is good, she might leave no clues.

There are other jobs like that, which seem to be done

by an invisible hand. Like keeping a house.

Music by Manuela Lechler

Scenario by Nancy Greening

Choreography by Patrice Miller

Performed by:

Kyoko Oyobe - Piano

Manuela Lechler - Alto Saxophone

Joe Tucker - Percussion


Stephanie Willing as Anna Strong

Elemental Woman

From Saint Domingue to Nouvelle Orleans,

she is now a free woman of color and property owner,

and an inspiration to her daughters of the future.

Poem by Lynne Procope

Music & Soundscape by Ann Warren

Joe Tucker - Percussion

Ann Warren - Live Electronics


Lynnette Freeman as the Elemental Woman

Blue Flower

A ballad which plays with the color blue. To be blue, as in Blues: to be sad or

missing love or loved ones..., a symbol for remembrance, peace and compassion.

Music by Manuela Lechler

Performed by:

Kyoko Oyobe - Piano

Manuela Lechler - Alto Saxophone

Joe Tucker - Percussion

Funding for

Anna Strong’s Laundry

has been made possible by (in part)

The Puffin Foundation


from donations from people like you!

Thank you!