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What is Coq tôt?

Well, it’s a mini-homage to Jean Cocteau 50 years after his death in 1963 with 6 short multimedia compositions inspired by the poésie of Jean Cocteau, a true renaissance man.

A poet at heart, Cocteau was active in the major 20th century art movements bringing inspiration to many great artists. He was an individualist,  novelist, playwright, director, filmmaker, poet, essayist, painter, designer, and actor.

Cocteau's imaginative collaborations and his intertwining artistic disciplines inspire Concrete Timbre artists.

We admire his genius and aspire to create our

own model that reflects his poetic attitude.

Coq tôt

6 surrealist acts inspired by an artist

who transgressed reality

5 performances

Wednesday August 21 - 6:30 pm

Thursday August 22 - 9:00 pm

Monday August 26 - 6:30 pm

Tuesday August 27 - 9:00 pm

Thursday August 29 - 6:30 pm

part of the Dream Up Festival 2013

155 First Avenue (between 9/10 St.)

New York, NY 10003

Coq tôt compositions

# Soft Caramel

by Ox on the Roof composed and peformed by Aybar Aydin, Jeff Fraska, Chris Kadis Moscato, and Andrew Toutain is the amalgamation of three sources: the poem Soft Caramel by JeanCocteau, a recording of Ingrid Bergman speaking on the phone in The Human Voice, and the bar, Ox on the Roof that Cocteau frequented with other artists.

# Avec ou sans voix (Almost No Human Voice)

written and directed by Sylvaine Hinglais draws from Cocteau’s scrutiny of the telephone as the perfect prop to explore his ideas and feelings. It also explores a formula of human needs and realities in communication as well as Cocteau’s struggle with opium addiction and his complicated love life. There are two characters played by members of the Paris-based La Compagnie Cosmopolite du Pierrot Lunaire: Pilar Navas and Laura Rocherieux. Performed in French (with English titles).

# Ecstasy/Treason

by Terence Diamond directed by Jasmina Sinanovic. The singular performance by Terence Diamond is enhanced by a chorus-like ensemble including: Telma Bernardo, Christopher Poeschl, Kamaria Williams. In Ecstasy/Treason, we ramble through Cocteau’s elegant poetry teeming with fevered imaginings of opium dens, the underworld of masculine desire, and the muddy inferno of WW I trench warfare.

# La Batterie

a short song composed and performed by Manuela Lechler based on a poem by Jean Cocteau, with projections by Robert Morton, accompanied by Pearl Rhein on Accordion. Performed in French (with titles).

# Eiffel Tower Wedding Brunch

based on Les mariés de la Tour Eiffel by Jean Cocteau, translated and adapted by Ann Warren. Original music is composed by: Manuela Lechler, Chris Kadis Moscato, and Ann Warren. Choreographed by Audrey Hailes. This short play is performed by Nathalie Bryant, James Hamblin, Audrey Hailes, Telma Bernardo, Christopher Poeschl, Kamaria Williams, and musicians: Christopher Hall, (bass), Manuela Lechler (Saxophone), Pearl Rhein  (Accordion, Violin), and Ann Warren (synth).  Interrupted (!) by

...ne me demandez pas pourquoi (...don’t ask me why)

interlude with text by Eric Lockley with music by Ann Warren, performed by Christopher Poeschl and Jeff Fraska

Coq tôt

is a contemporary intertwining of artistic disciplines and imaginative collaborations of composers, musicians, playwrights, poets, dancers, actors, as well as visual, sound, and video artists including:

Terence Diamond, Sylvaine Hinglais, Manuela Lechler, Eric Lockley,

Allan Markowitz, Robert Morton, Chris Kadis Moscato, Pilar Navas,

Laura Rocherieux, Richard Sage, Jasmina Sinanovic, Ann Warren,

and of course Jean Cocteau!

Performed by: Aybar Aydin, Telma Bernardo, Nathalie Bryant,

Terence Diamond, Jeff Fraska, Audrey Hailes, Christopher Hall,

James Hamblin, Manuela Lechler, Chris Kadis Moscato, Pilar Navas, Christopher Poeschl, Pearl Rhein, Laura Rocherieux, Andrew Toutain,

Ann Warren, and Kamaria Williams.

Producer - Allan Markowitz, Choreography - Audrey Hailes,

Projections - Robert Morton, Costume Design - Sara Thea Swafford,

Lighting Design - Kryssy Wright, Sculpture - Richard Sage

Stage Manager - Emma DeGrand, Ass’t Stage Manager - Babi Profeta