Concrete Timbre


Age of Pain(e)

An evening of enlightenment!

curated by Nancy Greening

2 performances only!

Friday August 23, 2013 & Saturday August 24, 2013

8:30 pm

Featuring a reading of the

Declaration of Independence

Just a regular guy standing on the steps of Federal Hall reading the timeless words out loud -

in 2013 the words resound with history and historical images.

by Coran Newland

underscored by


composed by Manuela Lechler

performed by

Kyoko Oyobe - piano

Manuela Lechler - alto saxophone

a musical presentation of

Mavericks In Sheol

for solo flute and actor

In 1885, England made a new translation of the bible.

The word HELL was removed and replaced by the word SHEOL.

All of a sudden Thomas Paine was in very different company.


flutist Aleksandra Miglowiec

actor David A. Green

music composed by Ann Warren

text by Nancy Greening

Age of Paine

a brand new play featuring the life and words of Thomas Paine

In Age of Paine, a new play by Dorothy Fennell you will meet the American Revolutionary hero,

Thomas Paine, as never before seen anywhere on the planet.  Condemned to death for sedition, one step ahead of the hang man, rotting away in a French prison, and writing the Age of Reason, Part II.  How does he do it? Where does he find the strength to press on with his one-man campaign to make common sense and reason the law of the land? And he’s singing! Even dead, he’s so controversial the Quakers won’t bury him.  Does Revolutionary hero Thomas Paine get a second chance?

by Dorothy Fennell

directed by Patrice Miller

songs composed by Manuela Lechler

projections by Robert Morton

sound design, music arrangements by Ann Warren

performed by David A. Green, James Hamblin, Christopher Poeschl

with pianist Kyoko Oyobe and flutist Aleksandra Miglowiec



The Old Stone House

336 3rd St. (between 4th & 5th Avenues)

Brooklyn, NY

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